Why Start Your Own Health Blog?


Before we get into why start your own health blog, firstly, what is a health blog?

It can cover a range of health related topics or concerns such as weight loss, nutrition, fitness, disease management, health analysis, and research. Health blogs often have a lot of interaction and a community. There are also different types of health blogs. They can be a personal journal, factual style, entertaining such as top 10…, or one which reviews health products just to name a few.

Why Start Your Own Health Blog?

There are many reasons to start a health blog. We will only name a few here.

It’s Easy

Firstly, it’s easy! With programs such as WordPress, you can set up your own website and your very own health blog in the matter of hours. Then of course you need some content, but that is a whole other story. You can even get free hosting from places like WordPress. But don’t expect to get superfast speeds or anything.


Blogging regardless of the topic often brings about a sense of community. For health blogs, people can share their weight loss journey results with other members and you can even make a network of online ‘friends’ some of which can turn out to be lifelong friends.

Help Others

If your blog reaches a lot of people, there is a good chance that you will be able to help people with their issues or provide support. Your blog can be a good motivator for your readers. This could be if you are training for a half marathon, you could blog about your story. This may help motivate your readers to do the same and therefore it will help them get healthier. Or you could blog about health tips and help people understand more about what they are eating for example.

Avenue To Vent

Had a tough day at work? Your blog can be a good place to vent and feel better. Just don’t be doing this too often, you don’t want your blog to become a negative place where all you do is complain. And if you don’t want to use your real name, you can come up with a pen name. This way you can say exactly what your viewpoint is on a particular topic without the fear of threats or similar.

So there you have it. There were 4 great reasons to start a health blog. So what are you waiting for? Start yours today!