Is The Paleo Diet Good For Your Skin?

Is The Paleo Diet Good For Your Skin?

Before we get into the matter of whether the Paleo Diet is beneficial to your skin or otherwise, let us first take a look on what this is all about. The term was coined by nutritionist and scientist Loren Cordain to refer to how the population of the Palaeolithic age consumed their food.

Remember that agriculture was not still in existence then and the hunters and gatherers of that era only ate fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, and clean meat. Grains and beans were not yet served on their tables. Basically, the diet is high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Now, the question is: is it good for the skin?

Since the nutritional content of the Paleo Diet is mostly high in vitamins and minerals, Omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants, the food products that you consume help your skin become clearer and cleaner. The diet also eliminates food that can lead to inflammation. Skin problems are sometimes triggered by the types of food we take. The Paleo Diet takes out industrial fats and oils that cause acne and eczema, as well as psoriasis.

If you put together a salad dish composed of green leaves, root vegetables, carrots, avocado, red bell pepper, spinach, kale, blueberries, onions and salmon you have great sources of nutrition that will definitely make your skin glow and become more radiant.

How? Let us break down the ingredients and there you will find that:

  • green leaves and root vegetables – are rich in niacin, which are sometimes found in skin creams, maintain healthy cells in the body;
  • carrots – is known to be rich in beta-carotene that yields Vitamin A, which increases skin cell generation and protects our skin from damage;
  • avocado – is a rich source of Vitamin E which prevents the skin from becoming dry, diminishes the free radicals, and shields the skin from the UV rays;
  • red bell pepper – has Vitamin C that protects the skin from wrinkling;
  • spinach and kale – are Vitamin K-rich vegetables that help improves resistance to insulin;
  • blueberries and onions – contain antioxidant qualities that also prevents wrinkles; and
  • salmon – has Omega-3 that keeps the skin from drying, reduces inflammation, and makes the skin soft and supple.