5 Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas


It’s time to dress up for halloween once again. If you want fun, sexy ideas on what your costumes will be, we’ve rounded up some of them. Here’s our top 5.

Nothing spells sexy than a strong beautiful woman and dressing up as a superhero could do the trick. Perhaps the most common would be to dress up as Catwoman. You can wear a black catsuit put on some gloves and knee high boots with cat ears to complete the ensemble.

The TV series Supergirl starring Melissa Benoist has been released this year and donning a Supergirl costume would be an amazing idea this coming Halloween. Your miniskirted version of Superman’s superhero costume will surely turn heads.

If superhero is not your thing, then be a sexy super villain like Harley Quinn, Joker’s girlfriend is a good choice. It is said that Harley Quinn met Joker at the Arkham Asylum where she worked as a psychiatrist and Joker was the patient. Both of them became Batman’s adversary.

Dressing up as a sexy minion can be another cool and fun idea. You can wear a yellow tube top, navy blue high-waisted shorts with suspenders and your yellow knee high stockings and boots. Wear a push up bra to enhance your breasts to add to the sexiness appeal.Complete the look with yellow headband, goggles and a BANANA! Wear a maid’s costume on over your minion costume and instantly become a maid minion like Phil in Despicable Me.

On Halloween spark the debate again by wearing the highly controversial “What is the color?” dress and be the talk of the party. Wear a form fitting split blue and black dress and white and gold dress. I’m sure this will drive everyone crazy.

Most Halloween costumes can be pretty expensive but with a little creativity, you can always create something from your existing wardrobe and only buy what’s needed. Besides there are several DIY ideas found online. All you have to do is do the search.