5 Healthy Snacks To Take To Work

5 Healthy Snacks To Take To Work

Exercise is a great way to stay healthy and can have many health benefits. But did you know that putting on weight is around 80% because of food and 20% because of a lack of exercise?

Eating healthy on a day to day basis is so important! Not just one healthy meal a week. What we do on a daily basis is what matters most. This includes snacks. And where do we eat the most snacks? At work.

So what do we do about this? We need to start bringing healthy snacks to work and start to avoid sugary drinks (and diet drinks), sweets, and unhealthy foods. What are some good healthy options of snacks to bring to work?

Trail Mix

Trail mix is a great option to bring to work as a healthy snack. But this doesn’t mean that you can go to the store and buy which ever trail mix you like and get one with smarties and roasted ingredients. No! Pick one which has nothing artificial (this includes smarties) and not roasted. Look at your ingredients list, you want to see nuts, seeds and similar and no other added ingredients. Trail mixes can be a great healthy snack for you to take to work and is really filling. Just remember to pick the right trail mix.

Protein Bars

This is another great snack idea for work. However, you also need to be careful about which protein bar you buy. Many packaged protein bars are full of sugar and / or other unwanted ingredients. So before you buy your next protein bar, make sure to check the ingredients lists and look for ones with healthy ingredients, have a short ingredients list, and have nothing you don’t understand. Protein bars are a great energy booster and are really yummy too! And they help a lot during a 3pm slump.

Cut Up Veggies

Probably the best snack idea for work. Super convenient to eat and really tasty. Simply cut up some veggies in the morning or the night before work and eat at your convenience. Some good examples are carrots, broccoli, celery, and cherry tomatoes. They can really take the edge off hunger (or boredom)!


Ok so not exactly a snack. But drinking enough water each day is so important. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, it takes the edge of cravings and is great for dehydration. Our bodies cannot operate at their best when we are even slightly dehydrated. Focus on drinking lots of water the next time you are at work.